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Name:Ms. Susan Monica [Sales]
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Y!: susan_7_8_6@yahoo.com Y!: susan_7_8_6
Mobile Number:Indonesia-Jakarta-081646030348
Phone Number:Indonesia-Jakarta-021-71368131
Address:Ruko Perkantoran Green Garden blok A14 No. 35, Jl. Arteri Kedoya, Jakarta barat 11520
Jakarta 11520, Jakarta
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Registration Date:Dec. 31, 2008
Last Updated:Dec. 31, 2008
Business Nature:Manufacturing, Trade of Industrial Supplies category

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PT. Global Indo Power, the well established holding company, it' s known as Global. Global is the leading online service and resource provider for Generator Set professionals. Our commistment is to provide the best solution to this market. Thus acommodate the ever increasing of the user' s need.
At Global, the management knowlendge' s that SUCCESS is the only result is deducation and hardworks. This characteristics was backed by sound corporate policies, a well planned marketing strategies and ideal product mix upheld by highly qualified technicians and strong financial ground which is what it takes to aim.

PT. Global Indo Power is solution for Genset Professionals.

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